Terrence Ealoms

In Memory of “T”

Terrence Ealoms passed away peacefully on Saturday, June 19, 2010.

If you would like to leave a message for T’s family you can send him an e-mail through this web site or leave a message on his Facebook page.

T was one of the most remarkable young men I have ever met. His situation would have broken many people but not T. His attitude and smile were infectious. His poetry touched the hearts of many and his courage helped others cope with their problems.

When I met T three years ago he told me he had three goals in life:

  • He wanted to share his poetry with as many people as possible
  • He wanted to become a public speaker
  • He wanted to become a published author

I worked with T and his team and to create this web site for him to share his poetry. To date his site has had over 5,000 visitors from countries all around the world. In 2010 we created a video which we distributed to social media web sites including You Tube, where you can still see the video.

In 2008 I worked with T on developing his public speaking skills and putting together a major presentation. Later that year he gave his first speech to a packed auditorium at Stevens High School and received a standing ovation from the audience of students, teachers, parents and his many friends.

In 2009 his poetry was published in “Echoing Faith” which sold out the first print run and has since been reprinted. T’s book is still available through the link on this web site. Proceeds go to Children's Association for Maximum Potential (CAMP). CAMP's mission is to strengthen and inspire individuals with special  needs - and those who care for them - through recreation, respite, and  education.  In 2010 T did his first book signing and he was later profiled by the San Antonio Express-News both in the paper and on their web site.

T accomplished his three goals not in spite of his handicaps, but because of them. It was not easy and he had to work hard to overcome his fears of public speaking, which we all have, and his occasional bouts with depression and typical teenage angst. However, he persevered and like the basketball players he so admired, he scored and won the game of life.

It was a pleasure and a privilege to have known and worked with T. His passing leaves a big hole in my heart, as it does with many others, but the memories of being touched by him will be with me forever.



Terrence Ealoms is an 20 year-old quadriplegic who was paralyzed at the age of seven after being run over by an underage driver.
   After the accident, his mother was unable to take care of him, and his father has been incarcerated since he was a year old. Recently, Terrence was told by doctors that he has less then two years to live because of complications from his condition.

Terrence is a poet and motivational speaker who overcame crushing adversity, because he has something to prove to the world, new dreams to live, and an unbreakable spirit. His message to us all is to never give up, follow your dreams, and stay tight y’all.


New Release... Just Arrived

Terrence has just completed writing his first book and is making it available here on his web site.

Echoing Faith is a reflection of Terrence’s unending optimistic view of life.

“His words unite people in the hope, faith and spirit that have characterize his struggle.”                        

Ben Curtiss
                                                English Teacher
                                          Stevens High School
                                           San Antonio, Texas


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